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Is Your Website Aligned With Your Business Goals?

For major brands, web development and design is a long and iterative process that spans weeks or even months.

As soon as the project commences, get ready for an intense period of design and development. As you get into the details, you should not lose sight of the crucial aspects of the web development process. These aspects include:

  • Who is your website’s target audience?
  • The goals you have set for your new website.
  • The type of information is the audience looking for.
  • What action do you want the website visitors to take?

During each phase of the project, each mode of development or design should tie back to these questions. The fact that 90% of the business do not consider conversions during the designing of their new website is concerning. This makes it difficult to die down the goals of your website back to the business objectives.

Beyond the web design’s strategic nature, it is essential that you have a plan for the website’s logistical elements. Here is a guide on the key questions you need to ask before beginning the project. While you might not know all the answers, you can utilize a web development agency. They will help you with web strategy and planning.

How to optimize the website to integrate with the wider business tools?

To extract the full value of your website, it should not exist outside of your day-to-day business platforms.

Moreover, integrating website behaviour into the more comprehensive business platforms will be an underutilized area of business growth and optimization.

WordPress will allow a higher level of customization when it comes to business platform integration. Whether it is integrating WordPress with payment gateways, Hubspot CRM, or calendar and booking managing, it is easy to optimize. Enabling these integrations will mean the business your website generates is a part of the more extensive industry and market reporting.

Chalk out your day-to-day business platforms and how to integrate them into your website. Ensure all the details are in place when conducting a redesign of your existing website. Your redesign project should not have any negative influence on your ongoing SEO or PPC efforts.

Why do you need to develop or redesign your website?

Working with a WordPress agency will bring you several benefits including –

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Maintenance of the future website

Approaching a web agency helps define the end goals and the way they relate to your business. It is more than just having a web presence. For B2B organizations and large brands, your website can be a conduit for doing business. You can define where your website fits into the revenue and business goals after consultation with a web development strategist.

What type of web design will suit your website?

The new design of your new website will reflect your brand, goals, and the actions you expect from the audience. For example – If you were a booking agent, you would centre on a booking system. In the same vain, if your business relates to environment-friendly products/services, brand the theme and maintain a consistent colour palette.

Many times this comes from the strategic phase of the project. Moreover, having a web development agency will help you in managing the project from the strategy phase to design and beyond.

How will you maintain the website once it is live?

Once the design, coding, and development is out of the way, your website can go live. You will be ready to serve your customers and to deliver leads or revenue to your business.

Do not reach this point without planning how to maintain the website, or it could be a costly mistake.

Always have answer to questions like:

  • What steps to take if at some point the server does down?
  • When and how to renew the SSL Certificates if sending data in an encrypted form or capturing payment?

You can ensure your web project aligns perfectly with your objectives and goals by having relevant responses to these questions. Keep in mind that your web project aligns well with other aspects like marketing objectives and user expectations as well.

If you are looking for a web development agency, look no further than our services. You can get in touch with us to discuss how together we can take your web development project forward.

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