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Is WordPress the Best CMS for Enterprise Website?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) in the world as it powers roughly 34% of all the active websites.

This is an impressive statistic yet some larger companies – and for a good reason often cast it aside too. Websites and blogs come up with such numbers. These blogs and websites can be set up by, well, just about anyone.

Nevertheless, here is the most important thing. While the statistic about can be easily dismissed by enterprises in the market for a Content Management System. When you look at some of the top websites in the world, WordPress remains a crucial player — WordPress powers 14 of the top 100 websites in the world.

With such impressive numbers, it is no surprise that WordPress always crosses the minds of everyone looking for a CMS.

What is WordPress?

While most of the people would have already heard of WordPress, if you are new to this field and wish to learn more about WordPress, here is a detailed insight.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is 100% free. It is increasing in popularity by the day. An estimated 5% of all the websites are using WordPress for content management. This alone is a pointer to the sheer usefulness of the software. However, there are many other reasons why you should choose WordPress for your enterprise website. Some of them are –

Track record

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS today. It powers around 34% of all the sites. Over 60% of the websites that have made use of CMS have chosen WordPress. Such stats demonstrate the dominance of WordPress.

Don’t need any license fees

It is 100% free and open-source platform. The developers can easily modify and enhance codes to improve the outlook of the website. People all around the world are working to improve WordPress and add to its greatness.

Why is it important? It is important as it means you would not have to pay any extortionate fees for licenses. Imagine what all you will be able to do with the budget available when you do not have to worry about licensing costs.

Quarterly updates will bring new capabilities and functionalities to the excellent CMS features free of charge. This is not all! The foundation for the ecosystem of WordPress is transparency and efficiency. Additionally, there are not any hefty bills with significant overheads from IT companies.

Compatibility with most 3rd party applications is simple

WordPress powers over a quarter of the entire internet. It is gone through several tests over a wide range of third-party plugins and integrations.

Publishing content is straightforward

Initially, WordPress started as a platform where people could blog. However, it has grown up and transformed into a robust CMS. It has become a reliable and trustworthy name used by the biggest organizations and enterprises. Other enterprise CMS solutions cannot deliver the same functionality, as they did not keep publishing in mind during their development.

WordPress comes with free extensions including RSS feeds, SEO, editorial publishing workflow, revisions, authorship, and more.

WordPress is familiar and user-friendly

One of the significant reasons why it is so popular is that it is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. There is not a massive learning curve when you are using WordPress. Even a new user can quickly learn how to use it within minutes. Not only that, it will come as a surprise to learn how many employees have already used WordPress before. Moreover, your business can significantly benefit from this knowledge and build on that.

More secure than other CMSs

Since WordPress is open-source, it has a comprehensively peer-reviewed source code. This means that the discovery of breaches or vulnerabilities is easy. Hence, making it easier to find fixes for them. Most of the issues that arise with WordPress either are because of premium WordPress themes, or poorly developed plugins or not practising good security protocols.

Moreover, if you are working with a WordPress agency, they will assure you that you will receive a secure website.

Scalability of WordPress

Most of the high-traffic websites on the internet rely much on WordPress.

Data will be owned by you

There are unfortunate cases where the user gets into a bit of a situation with the supplier owning their data. The supplier would not release the data without receiving an extortionate fee. Who would want to be in such a position?

WordPress helps as you can say goodbye to such practices. You will own all of your data and walk away with it any time you wish.

Great for SEO

WordPress is easily one of the best platforms for SEO. Its benefits include:

  • Keywords in URLs
  • Page keyword analysis
  • Automatic generation of sitemaps
  • RSS feeds
  • Social integration

SEO has become a necessity for all successful marketing and inbound strategies.

Platform that supports Multi-language and multi-site

WordPress comes with support for multi-site. You can also achieve multi-language quickly. Many enterprise organizations need to have multi-language websites, and WordPress allows them to do so. It is the best partner for this job as it has many complex functionalities for achieving this out of the box.

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