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How Can You Write Web Design Brief?

If you ask any successful digital agency about their opinion on the website design briefs, their answers will be similar. They will tell that the quality of the website design brief is key to the success of a website project. However, briefing a web design can sometimes seem like a daunting task for marketers.

It would be smarter to lay out the critical information. A brief including a template would be a great place to start. Investment in the initial brief will ensure all the key project stakeholders align towards the same goals. You should also to reach out to an agency, as they will be able to understand your requirements efficiently.

Reputed agencies know that a good web design brief will help reveal the client’s requirements in detail. Moreover, when they review the brief, they will be able to identify if the project has potential or not. The brief will also provide the information that helps put together an initial proposal. That proposal will have accurate timeframes and costs needed for the web design.

Standard briefs lay down the foundations for the agency to create a website that:

  • Look great
  • Delivers return on investments
  • Aligned with the key measures of the project’s success

What is website design brief definition, and why bother?

Website designs and development brief mainly consists of crucial information that helps flesh out a project in different parts. This will include:

  • Origin of the project
  • Objectives
  • KPIs
  • Products or services
  • Client’s business
  • Timelines
  • Existing website
  • Cost for delivery

It also comes in handy when explaining the broader context of the project and exposing friction points that need attention. Having a decent web design brief plays a massive role in shortening the project lead-time. You and your team will have a better understanding of the requirements from the website. Hence, you stand a better chance of faster and smoother development of the project.

How brief design questions will help in creating a perfect website

Here are some of the basic details that your agency should ask you in our design and development brief. Such details can be essential as they can make or break your project.

#1 Understanding your business

The brief will start by asking basic questions about your organization or company including the origins and the future vision. They will also ask questions about your target market, USPs, and customer personas. Understanding you and your customers should be the first step in creating a website that will address your needs.

#2 Results are all that matters

A design brief template will outline the objectives after identifying the needs of the project. The measures will be useful in checking if the website is meeting the goals or not. Enhancing the position of our business, generating new leads, increasing engagement, etc. are some of the aspects kept in mind.

#3 Looking at your competitors

A standard web design brief needs to have information about your own business. Moreover, it should also contain the necessary details about your competitors as well. This will help you understand how you can create a unique identity in the competitive market and prove your superiority.

#4 Looking at your existing site

Before making improvements, you need to understand the status of your current website. You will have to be transparent about the functionality, CMS, sitemap, etc. As a result, the agency will know for whom they are working. Additionally, it will help in pointing towards areas that have potential for further improvement.

#5 The Time and effort needed

Every web design project is unique and different from the previous one. Hence, understanding the timeframe you are looking at and the budget available will help you find out the best solution.

#6 Get started on your next project

Articulating the requirements from a web design project can be tough at times. You might or might not know what you are looking for. Communicating those ideas can be tricky. There is always a slight risk involving this process, as failure to convey the essential details properly in always present. It has become a regular trend break it down into sections and then working collaboratively with your team. This way, you can consider all the key elements that make up your web design brief.

You can download our free web design brief template here. This way, you do not have to take any pain throughout the process of creating the web design brief.

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