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Vitamin Yes
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Vitamin Yes

Vitamin Kosmetika AB is an import company that deals in organic products for the Scandinavian market. The company recently launched their brand “Vitamin Yes” that sells online organic cosmetics to the Swedish market, while also spreading awareness about the benefits of using natural cosmetic products.


To build a new website for a company that was launching a new online brand. So, we had to work on minimal design at this stage, while ensuring scalable results in the future.


We worked on developing a custom WordPress theme for this website with minimal lines and trend elements in the cosmetic industry for branding purposes, so that it is easy to scale in the future.


We helped the company develop a lightweight and fast loading E-commerce shop on WooCommerce platform for highly scalable results in the future. We have also optimized the website for SEO to drive organic traffic, as the company plans to use blogs for client education.



We have used shades of green, orange and light brown in the brand logo and illustrations to stay as close to the theme of organic cosmetic products sold by the brand. So, where green reflects the organic element, orange and light brown symbolize the shades of the human skin.

Vitamin Yes

Branding Colors

Vitamin Yes


Vitamin Yes


Vitamin Yes
Vitamin Yes

Web Design & Development

Our primary focus was on developing a website that proves to be highly scalable in the future; the reason why we used a custom WordPress theme for this project. Our web design is customer-friendly, as it not just enables easy access to all the product information, but also makes way for a smooth ordering process.

Vitamin Yes
E-commerce Platform

We developed the company’s eCommerce shop using the WooCommerce plugin. And by using this WooCommerce plugin, our main aim and vision was to make the whole process of ordering organic cosmetic products for the company’s clients real quick, easy and hassle-free.

Responsive Mobile Design

We understand how important it is nowadays to have an eCommerce website that is mobile-friendly. With this project, our main aim was to focus on UX, but along with that we also made sure of the fact that all the pages on the company’s website were explicitly mocked up like their desktop and tablet versions.

Vitamin Yes
Vitamin Yes
Vitamin Yes Blog

We focused on developing a blog design that will help generate organic traffic for the company’s website, followed by high yielding leads for the organic cosmetic products sold by the brand. The blog design comprises a section for the latest news and educational materials for the company’s potential clients.

Chat & Automatic Opt-In Pop-Ups

We understand that the primary objective of a website is to drive traffic and generate leads, along with creating a brand image for the business. This is especially true for an eCommerce site, and this is why we ensured developing effective chat and automatic opt-in pop-ups for the company to support lead generation.

Vitamin Yes
Vitamin Yes
Vitamin Yes

Bodil Lindblom

Project Manager at Vitamin Kosmetika AB

“I am extremely glad to have chosen Wpisset Agency for the WordPress development needs of my newly launched brand. Their professional team of developers was fast, helpful and always had a solution to ensure a scalable project for our company. The competitive prices at which they offer their excellent services are truly exceptional, and with such a value for money experience I hope that our long-term partnership will continue in the future as well.”

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