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Vastlund Apartments

This is a company facilitating with hospitality services in Stockholm since 2010. The company is offering amazing long and short-term rental services and luxury apartments in the heart of Stockholm. Above all, they find a need to have a booking website for their regular clients to serve them before the company was using online booking services like or


The company had to build a new website which can serve them with the best rebranding opportunities. Besides that, they had to build their booking platform using a limited budget.


We used their previous branding elements effectively for rebranding purposes. Furthermore, we worked hard to enhance the website in traditional Stockholm design. Therefore, we got benefit from premium WordPress theme along with a child theme to ensure the best customization and integrated hotel booking plugin.


As a result, the company got an easy to use booking system for their regular customers. An SEO friendly website with fast loading speed of web pages to attract new customers with ease. Therefore, the design built was also feasible for mobile users to access and utilize a fast-mobile booking experience.



We developed a perfect website design which can present the company entirely. Moreover, logo and use of illustrations made the website attractive. We used an ideal colour palette to reflect the beauty of traditional Stockholm elements in an effective way.

Branding Colors



Web Design & Development

During the process of web design and development, our primary focus was on developing attractive but yet easy to use and navigate UI and UX. Besides that, we ensured the best booking services for mobile users by making a responsive layout and kept the booking process more comfortable. So that, user can book his required apartment by just a few clicks.

Booking Platform

We used Hotel Booking WooCommerce payments to empower booking system. Therefore, the main goal was to develop a system which can be more comfortable and faster for the clients. Even the users can get a fantastic experience while using the website from any device.

Responsive Mobile Design

For every UI and UX, it is essential to be mobile-friendly. Besides that, the main goal was to build a system which has mobile UX, but we ensure at all the web pages were mocked up clearly in desktop and tablet.

Company News Feed

We built a blog as well for the company where they can update the latest news, share informative content with the readers, let them know about what to do, restaurants and share information that about Stockholm for their visitors.

Easy To Find

Users can find contact about services on the website. However, availability of the contact details and address of the company can help the clients to get in touch with the company in the best possible way.

Emma Strömfelt

General Manager at Vastlund Apartments AB

“We are extremely thankful for the web design agency for providing us highly reliable services. The setup of our website had some challenges but the dedicated team of this web development agency has done magic and provided us fast yet highly reliable services. We have worked with the agency for sometimes and this long-term partnership will continue in future too.”

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