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Norresø Restaurant

This is a modern Nordic restaurant which is operating in Copenhagen Indre by the district. After establishing their services, they knew it is important to have a website to display their booking menu and can help the clients to enjoy online event booking and table reservation services.


The challenge in this project was the lack of information. It is because we just had a few pictures of the interior of restaurants to display. Well, another factor to consider here was the company branding and limited budget.


We brought some modifications in the existing logo of the business. To make the design more attractive, we created line illustrations and got help from the premium theme of WordPress to give a new look to the website.


As a result of our efforts, we developed a website with fast loading speed. We gave a new brand identity to the restaurant with perfect restaurant’s seasonal food menu display. Moreover, we developed a website with OpenTable integration and event booking forms.


When it came to branding, we used minimal black and white combination based on the restaurant interior and gave a classic look to the website. Line drawing illustrations and perfect colours for branding campaign gave a modern Danish look to the company.

Branding Colors


Brand Identity

Web Design & Development

The main focus during the website development process was to ensure the easy access of users to menu and make it easier for them to get done with the process of events booking and table reservation. We developed a mobile-friendly website to ensure easy navigation.

Bespoke Layout Design

We brought a great UX experiment for this project to create a perfect layout design. The main focus of our website design was to providing an easy reach of the customers to the seasonal menu and booking forms.

Responsive Mobile Design

Due to the importance of mobile users at present, it was highly required to focus on mobile UX design. We also focused on providing the best user- experience for desktop users. Therefore, we used responsive web design for the website to ensure it will load on every screen.

Company News Feed

We also developed the company’s blog to ensure they can publish latest news. The blog is being used by the restaurant to provide all of the most recent information about the company as well as recipes which are being used in the restaurant.

Lead Generation

The primary purpose of the website is to provide information about the menu, location, table booking of the restaurant and to generate new corporate clients for booking their various events. However, we made the website appealing so that visitors will be converted into potential leads.

Vibeke Jensen

General Manager at Norresø Mad ApS

“We approached this agency to get website for our restaurant business. The team of developers which is working here is highly responsible and provided us fast, responsive, reliable support for our business website’s project. The small yet highly dedicated team is working behind the project. Services which we got from the agency are perfectly valuing the money that we spent on this project.”

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