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Earn While Making Cool Stuff

We are on the lookout for ambitious and fun people that love to be a part of our unique yet highly talented team. If you feel your attitude and profile suit the description, then let us know! Below are mentioned open positions in our team.

An unbelievable exposure!

Why Work With Us?

  • Our clientele includes big brands with whom you get an opportunity to work on large projects. Your work will be out there for the world to see.
  • We like to see our team members grow and succeed. There are no boundaries at Wpisset; your success solely depends upon your dedication and effort.
  • Our team is quick, love being dynamic and take on new and exciting challenges; we are looking for like-minded people that can grow with us.
  • We empower our team members, listen to and consider their suggestions and assist them in their projects.
The best-fit characteristics

Why We Need You?

Here are the typical characteristics we expect from our new team members:

Competent: You get things done, generate great output while keeping wasted effort to the minimum.

Quick learner: You learn things at a rapid pace.

Organized: You plan and organize your work in accordance with the priorities. In other words, you are efficient and highly productive.

Hardworking: You work hard to complete the job and take pride only when you do the same within the set timeframe.

High standards: You set personal standards for you and your crew. That is to say; you will accept nothing short of excellence.

Proactive attitude: You take actions in the best interests of the company and need not be told what to do. To clarify, you are positive and suggest new ideas to the company.

Integrity: You are open about inconvenient facts and earn trust. In simple terms, you are confident and prefer to do the correct thing rather than the easy thing.

An open mindset: You take feedback and suggestions from others in a positive stride to perform even better.

Attentive: You do not miss out on important details since you understand that they make a great impact on the projects.

Flexible: You love working in dynamic environments that continuously evolve and strive to better your workflow.

Open Jobs

About The Position

We are looking for a passionate WordPress developer that can join our dynamic crew. Most importantly, the candidate needs to have sound knowledge of PHP, WordPress, MySQL, CSS and HTML. We are on the lookout for an unmatched talent that can develop bespoke WordPress websites for our clients. You will be working with a team comprised of developers, project managers and designers.

The individual will love to see a team grow under him besides taking on some WordPress projects initially. This developer will lead the WordPress development section and assist in project allocation, work with teams to help in matters concerned with process initiatives and technical languages.

Apply Today

If the position you are looking for is not listed here, reach out to us. Wpisset keeps searching for talent constantly. Let’s talk and see how we can go ahead.

What We Offer

Check out the characteristics that keep us determined and passionate as an agency. We never boast about ourselves but let our clients do all the talking.

We are enthusiastic

At Wpisset, the atmosphere is full of cheerfulness. You will be working with fresh, innovative minds that come with high work ethics. If you are like-minded, you will have a great time working with a whole lot of new friends.

Balance work & life

At Wpisset, we believe personal time is equally important. A healthy work-life ratio proves more productive. We work hard and party hard!


Each step taken at Wpisset gives you a chance to express yourself or define the company. Your innovative ideas have the scope to become something remarkably classic.

We are ambitious

We are exceptionally dynamic and keen to take on new and complex challenges. Most importantly, there is a wide range of interesting projects at Wpisset and a great scope to fine-tune your skills.

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