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Custom WordPress Theme vs Premium Theme

Many web agencies build websites using both custom themes and premium themes, depending on the client’s choice. It is a common question that which one to prefer?

In most cases, it depends on time and budget. Typically, the conversation starts by talking about:

  • The pros and cons
  • What are the differences
  • Which option will be more beneficial

In the end, it will all come down to the features and cost. With WordPress CMS powering almost 34% of all the websites on the internet; it has a wide range of users. While it is reasonable to hear about phrases like “free WordPress themes”, professional users still pay to get better results. A possible choice could be to get a premium WordPress theme, and another would be to develop your custom WordPress theme.

  • Custom themes: It deals with what WordPress can do – pre-built themes just scratch the surface. Some of the most well-known and famous companies use WordPress to power their sites. They make use of custom code WordPress themes for achieving the design they want for their website.
  • Premium themes: For these themes, you should be willing to spend around $50-100. However, you will get more flexibility and better stability than free themes usually offer.

What are the differences between a website having a custom theme and one with a Premium theme? How can you know which one to prefer? You will get the answers to these kinds of questions in this article.

As a reputed WordPress development company, we help businesses with WordPress. We have been developing themes for quite some time. We have more than 40 premium themes as our record states selling over 12000 WordPress themes on Themeforest. This is a clear indication of the level of experience and expertise we have on this topic.

What is the fundamental difference between a custom WordPress theme and a premium theme?

You can split the WordPress websites into two categories:

  • Custom built websites – Here, the site is made according to the precise design specifications of the client.
  • Theme-based builds – Here, the developer implements the website according to pre-set WordPress themes. However, even these require minor modifications.

Beginning with the basics makes it easy for others to follow. All the WordPress sites have a common core of code that visitors do not get to see. This code is the “skeleton” and “engine” of the website. This allows the administrators to log in, maintain, and update the site. Functionalities such as uploading images, adding pages, commenting, adding plugins, and more are present in the admin view. Features like these make WordPress more user-friendly than building a website that is purely HTML code.

These page templates are purely visual. However, these do contain functionalities like eCommerce, forms, booking features, and more. The developer can build them or customize them from scratch. It is just like a library system where you can “pick and choose” the books you want to eat. They can also prepare these parts in advance in a free theme or premium theme. This is similar to teachers suggesting specific books that you should read and you cannot alter them.

How are websites made using Premium theme-based WordPress better?

A prefabricated set of page templates contains the visual elements of your website is what is commonly referred to as a “theme”. You have to integrate the theme with plugins to give certain functionality.

If you come across a theme that you want your website to look like, download it and use it. Replace the images and content, and within no time, you will have your new website up and running.

WordPress developers create these themes with a standard model of business for selling these themes in bulk. Themes that you buy will have some flexibility built into them, making it easier for you to do configuration. They also come with additional codes to allow all the possible combinations that users might do. Themes are similar to pen drives because you will only have to perform one function, and they are easy to use. Otherwise, it would feel like you are using a Swiss army knife. Moreover, you will be carrying around a bunch of accessories even though a knife is the only thing you need.

What about Custom WordPress themes?

This one is a “one-off theme”. The developers will create the page templates and functionality while keeping the file’s design and its specifications in mind. Such customized designs are similar to the existing themes. As a result, the developer has to program the themes and make them unique. Moreover, they also have to adapt to the style, goals, and requirements of the owner of the website. It is similar to how a music composer creates a tune with the basic ingredients or the basic notes. The developer will have to integrate all the parts so that the website can work together smoothly. Moreover, additional wires should not be present or else they might cause errors if you update something later on. This way, the website will be more adaptable and flexible for those who are having development skills.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, here are the main reasons why you should be choosing one over the other.

You should choose a premium WordPress theme over a custom theme if:

  • The requirement is of a small website
  • There is a limited budget to work with
  • You lack even the primary development and design skills
  • Already a perfect theme is available, and you are excited about it as soon as you see it

Choose a custom WordPress theme over a premium theme if:

  • Website should have a unique design to fit the aesthetic and functional requests
  • There is no premium theme that meets your requirements without modifications
  • Chances are you will have to update the website with new functionalities shortly
  • You want to be sure that your website is optimized for quality and page loading speed
  • There is a considerable budget to work with

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