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About Us

We are enthusiastic about teaming up with noble people and generating experiences that promote and provide boosts to the brands. Brand empowerment is the core of our work.

Why are we doing this?

An All-embracing, Start-To-Finish WordPress Agency

It began in 2009…

The creating entrepreneur began building HTML templates in accordance with marketing needs from his parents’ small country home. His only goal was to come up with innovative results for his clients.

We have come a long way since then, and over the decade we have earned over 12k+ clients. During this period, we have also built 40 WordPress premium themes. This year, in 2019, we are rebranding our own company and have decided to focus even more on quality, while quantity takes a backseat. Moreover, we aim to educate our clients on our products; as well as experience joy and entertainment together throughout the process.

Why work with us? Check out the reasons:

Client partnerships

We build long-term credible relationships with our clients; we do everything possible and work tirelessly, going above and beyond to please our valued customers. Further, we ensure our clients appreciate and experience the best when working with us.

Years of experience

Collectively, our team comes with hundreds of years of rich, varied web experiences. This has made us highly knowledgeable and effective; as a result, we have streamlined our processes and become completely capable of delivering relevant, tailored solutions every time.

Our impressive results

We know you are investing an immense amount of time, energy and money into building your new website. Please be assured; we help you earn a high ROI. Meanwhile, check out our client reviews that attest to our skills and expertise.

Our incredible support

Our support does not end with the delivering of the end product. We provide consistent support to get the most out of your website for as long as you want us to.

We are innovative professionals

Highly passionate about designing, we love applying our technical and creative skills to digital marketing that serves our clients. Most importantly, apart from making your website stand out, we create incredible designs that build trust and promote sales.

We are experts in the business

A website is an important marketing instrument. It should generate queries, enhance your ROI, represent your company’s principles and ethics, in addition to engaging your target audience. Rest assured; websites developed by us do just that; perfectly, each time, and in an innovative way.

Size Matters

How Are We Special?

Wpisset was founded by passionate people with web development and marketing backgrounds. We are true web development professionals!

This has enabled us to deliver high-quality results while adhering to budgets. By practising business ethics and providing the desired solutions, we have earned our reputation for excellence.

How do we do it? We have always believed that our clients’ growth… is our growth. To put it simply, our business decisions focus on providing a fair value for both parties.

Our focus is not on competitor proposals or industry pricing standards. We focus and concentrate on improving our efficiency and work towards setting benchmarks for customer satisfaction. Also, we want to continually experience better results each time while providing the ultimate for our clients. We also strive to educate potential clients to enable them to make the right decisions for themselves, their business and their clients.

Paul Buiko

Our Journey Began Building HTML Templates

We deliver excellent WordPress development services by combining our creative, technical and marketing proficiency. Furthermore, we make this superior with committed and consistent support.

Where on earth?

Our Office

We have clients that are spread across the US and EU, but our ’home’ always holds a special place in our hearts.

In a digitally connected world, long-distance partnerships have got a new reason to thrive and stay strong. You might be living countries apart from your friends, family or partner, and still have the strongest bond with them. In this modern-day and age of the internet, every once in awhile, there comes an innovative technology that enables communication like never before; allowing us to be ‘everywhere’.


Tough Facts About…

  • Founded In: 2015
  • Founded By: Paul Buiko
  • Office Locations: Tallinn, Helsinki (since the mid 2020)]
  • Team Members: 3+
  • Client Locations: Clients in 75% of states in the EU

In whole, we are a dedicated WordPress agency that focuses on innovation and quality. From web development to marketing and sales, we concentrate on building tailored solutions to deliver the desired results.

South East 1 OÜ

Uuepere tn 3, 13522, Tallinn, Harjuma, Estonia

Say Hello:

Paul Buiko

Meet the Team

We at Wpisset believe you must learn more about us in order to understand our agency and the services we offer and provide. Relax on a comfy chair and click your mouse to get a better insight into who and what we are.

Paul Buiko

Founder and Senior Developer

His focus, every day, is on his clients; what they need, and what will bring them one more step closer to their overall goal. Responsible for: Project Management, SEO & Development.

Svetlana Lavrinovich

Creative and Content Mananeger

She maintains focus on the requirements of her clients and aspects which can bring them one step closer toward growth and success. Responsible for: Web Design & UX, Content and Copy.

Jonah Buiko

WordPress Developer

He helps companies and brands to connect with customers by providing them with attractive websites that offer a reliable user experience on all devices. Responsible for: WordPress Development & Support.

We Are Hiring!

Junior Developer

Wpisset is actively recruiting for a Junior Developer to join our team. Knowledge of WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS is a must.

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